EN 1090 FPC 2+

All-round metal construction
Staelens is specialized in all-round metal construction for companies in the petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food sectors. You can contact us for all kinds of construction work in steel or stainless steel: from the conversion of production lines covering stairs, work floors, landings and railings to pipe bridges and moving installations.

On site installation
You can call on our expert technicians for on-site installation work. They can ensure extremely fast and precise assembly, with the production process being disrupted as little as possible. They are, of course, always ready to do the maintenance and repair work in installations and on production lines. They closely monitor shutdowns and overhauls and also take full responsibility for relocations and renovations.

Our own workshop
Our own workshop, near the Port of Antwerp, is a safe and modern workshop, equipped with up-to-date machines for various tasks. Our qualified welders and assemblers ensure a particularly high degree of efficiency. In addition, they always work according to the strictest safety rules and the welding standards EN 1090 and execution class 2.

Technical transformations
Finally, at Staelens we are also very capable in technical transformations. More and more companies, who wish to maintain or improve their current situation, come to us for assistance. We will match clients wishes, look at what can be done better and ensure a professional and cost-efficient transformation that results in an optimal production process.

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