Safety management system certificate VCA-P

At Staelens we attach great importance to safety. We are therefore very proud that we received the VCA ** label back in 2000. After all, VCA is indispensable to significantly reduce the number of accidents in the company. The reduction of costs and our care for the environment are added as a nice bonus. Our structured approach to the safety management system is recorded in writing in procedures, which are continuously evaluated and – if necessary – adjusted. In addition, risks are constantly detected and appropriate measures are taken.

VCA, is a must for all parties

Our employees have recognized VCA certificates, which is important for all parties involved. For you, this means that you can rely on us to carry out all the work safely. Thanks to solid training, our employees gain an insight in the risks associated with their job and they learn to manage them. Government can trust us, that thanks to VCA accidents will be reduced to a minimum and that the environment will be protected. Finally, VCA ensures continuity at Staelens, both in the quality of the services provided and in the relationship with our customers.