Our assets

Experience & dynamism
The Staelens company was started in 1912. In the many years that followed, we grew from a small family business into a dynamic and reliable partner, client, subcontractor and contractor. And this was for the food industry as well as for the petrochemical and pharmaceutical sector.

Quality & safety
At Staelens, we always and everywhere emphasize quality. In addition, we attach great importance to safety. We obtained the VCA ** label in 2000 and also have a VCA P-certificate, which means we can be active in the petrochemical industry and work in companies with high-risk activities.

Kwaliteit & veiligheid

Flexibility & versatility
A great asset of Staelens is the flexibility of all our employees to suit our clients. As a result, we are available day and night for shut-downs, overhauls and in emergency situations. Our versatile staff also ensures a strong mix of expertise and an encouraging enthusiasm.

Our team

Veronique Van Bockstal

Veronique Van Bockstal

Nico Depondt

Roel Pieters

Roel Pieters
Engineer & Project Manager

MT aan Tafel - 04/07/20

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