Industrial services

Staelens has for many years been active at the Doel nuclear power plant . We are working here with a strong team of decontaminators, overhead crane drivers and warehouse workers. All our employees receive thorough training according to the VCA scheme, regular refresher courses and a four-day nuclear safety training course. After all, safety is an absolute top priority at the nuclear power plant.

Our decontaminaters are active in the nuclear installation. They ensure the professional removal of nuclear-charged dust particles from materials and installations through various processes. This can be done, for example, with the help of high-pressure cleaners or (underwater) vacuum cleaners. A complex matter which requires specific knowledge and experience.

Overhead bridge drivers
Our overhead crane drivers are responsible on the one hand for the overhaul and on the other hand for the fuel, or the supply of new nuclear fuel, the disposal of spent nuclear fuel and the handling of nuclear fuel elements. They are trained to be able to drive all bridges, both in the reactor building and outside, and work with a remote control or in a cabin. In addition, they are also qualified to drive polar bridges.

Warehouse workers
Our warehouse workers at the nuclear power plant are responsible for issuing and receiving all kinds of material in the warehouse. They also check if the material is returned on time and if they are intact and inspected. In addition, they are responsible for a number of general work, such as stocking goods and drawing up the inventory.

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